I love what I do. I love coming up with ideas, creating visual identities, exploring looks & feels, and I love doing it by being hands-on or by directing a team of diversified talents. Whatever it is, I love it even more if I’m working for the Arts & Culture industry.

My work was always fundamentally detail-oriented. My focus on craft and passion for solving visual and conceptual problems naturally led every step of my career. From the very beginning working for award-winning creative shops in Rio to my freelance career in NYC doing multidisciplinary work for agencies and direct clients.

Some of the brands I worked with: MTV, Sony Music, Warner Music, Biscoito Fino, Superlativa, Som Livre, Universal Channel, Multishow, Canal Brasil, Rede Globo, Time Warner Cable, Gerber, The Coca-Cola Company, Ambev, Kraft Foods, Nestlé, HP, SAP, Motorola, Ford, Toyota, Skoda, Crayola, Coty, Avon, Pfizer, GSK, J&J, Humana, NAACP, Start-Up NY.


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12th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial by ADG Brasil  /  2017
Fado Festival - Logos
Fado Festival - Periodicals

IDA Design Awards  /  2016
Casuarina 7 - Bronze - Print / CD, DVD & Record Sleeves
Brasil SummerFest - Silver - Multimedia / Interface Design
Brasil SummerFest - Bronze - Multimedia / Website Design

Shorty Awards  /  2016
Acts of Kindness Holiday Card - Finalist - Multiplatform Campaign, Real Time Response

American Graphic Design Award by Graphic Design USA  /  2016
Casuarina 7 - Packaging
Casuarina 7 - Creative Use of Color

American Graphic Design Award by Graphic Design USA  /  2015
No Passo de Caymmi - Packaging

11th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial by ADG Brasil  /  2015
Brasil SummerFest - Sites
No Passo de Caymmi - Packaging / Audiovisual

Digiday Awards  /  2015
#72hoursofyes - Finalist - Best Branding BtoB Campaign

Shorty Awards  /  2015
#72hoursofyes - Silver - Best in BtoB

Ad Age  /  2015
#72hoursofyes - Runner-up - Best in BtoB - Social

10th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial by ADG Brasil  /  2013
Don Cupido - Finalist - Sites
Placebo - Finalist - Packaging / Audiovisual
Tons Líricos - Finalist - Books

The Webby Awards  /  2010
Get Magnetic - Finalist - Beauty & Cosmetics

Dope Awards  /  2009
Get Magnetic

Design Licks  /  2009
Get Magnetic - Site of the Day

Brazilian Advertising Festival by ABP  /  2008
Mineirinho - Bronze - Sites

9th Brazilian Graphic Design Biennial by ADG Brasil  /  2008
Casuarina - Design & Memory

Colunistas Brasil Award by Abracomp /  2008-07
Mineirinho - Grand Prix - Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Mineirinho - Gold - Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Havana - Gold - Advertising Market
Verão da Mariazinha - Gold - Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Colunistas Rio Award by Abracomp /  2008-07
Mineirinho - Gold - Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Havana - Gold - Advertising Market

Best of Rio Festival by CCRJ  - 2008-07
Bob’s - Bob Frango
Passe VIP - Barrados Banner
Passe VIP - Vírus Floater

Peixe Grande Award by ARTECCOM  /  2008
Casuarina Certidão - Finalist - Freelancer

SOS Mata Atlântica by CCSP  /  2005
Não Dê As Costas - Finalist - Advertising
Passarinho - Finalist - Advertising

Colunistas New Generation by Abracomp - 2004
Eu Ia - Silver - Press Media